Pole tekstowe:

The surrounding:

The old, historically important, aqueducts you can actually see from the windows of the building.

In the very surroundings of the inn there are a few lakes and rivers, many bike-tracks and natural wealth which is waiting to be explored.

ºOur province is made for those who are tired of the concrete, asphalt and that know how to appreciate places that have disappeared in many other areas of Europe  

Stanczyki is the antithesis for the urban dweller who is often tricked by prefabricated retreats that only camouflage the continuation of his daily life.

ºThere are also many historical sties, including the old rocks situated by the Caesar Wilhelm 2nd.

Our inn is a perfect place from which you can travel to many interesting places like Vilnius or Russia.

Rich variety of indigenous vegetations, glacial geological formations create a marvelous paradise to explore.

 Our region is simply...the truth.